Monday, August 17, 2020

When Things Get Low - Martin Wiles

Hear my cry, for I am very low. Psalm 142:6 NLT
The short text came from our daughter who is a bank teller where we bank. She had put her monthly $40 dollars in our account to cover the gas my wife burns to pick up our two grandsons.
“What do you mean we’re overdrawn?” I quickly shot a text back.
Suddenly, the day went from bad to worse. Our financial state had changed drastically over the past nine months. One week before, my wife had undergone rotary cuff surgery, rendering her unable to keep the toddler she had been keeping for our music teacher. The extra money had helped. 
In her pain-induced state, my wife had forgotten about all the drafts that come out of our account at the first of the month. Now, we only had until 5:30 p.m. to make up the shortfall or the bank would charge an additional $38.
My daughter’s text sent me to a new low, capping off nine months of fighting to pay the rent, to pay the utilities, to keep groceries on the table. I’d never been in such a fix—and didn’t enjoy being in this one at my age in life. At 4:30, my sweet mother drove up, asked for our account number, and made her way to the bank where she deposited enough to get us back in the black.
When things get low, it’s easy to get low with them—and I confess I have. But my wife, and others, keep reminding me of God’s promises to care for His children. I could think my own ingenuity or others are responsible for us staying afloat, but I choose to see God behind it all.
Failing to depend on God’s promises to care for His children can sink us even deeper during life’s low periods. God knows the details, and, whether it appears so or not, He is concerned and working behind the scenes. At the right time, He will deliver.
When we see things with this perspective, our faith will grow, and we’ll have stories of deliverance to share with others as we witness to our faith.
Don’t let the low times drag you lower. Look up to God.
Prayer: Father, we look to You during the low times of life, knowing You are the only One who can deliver us.

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