Saturday, July 25, 2020

Holding Hands with the Greatest Lover - Martin Wiles

God stands up for his people, God holds the hands of his people. Psalm 135:14 MSG
He sat at a small-town café drinking a cup of coffee and looking out a large window at a couple walking down Main Street.
“Isn’t that sweet? Still holding hands after all these years,” the friend who sat with him remarked, seeing the elderly couple holding hands.
“They’re just holding each other up,” the first said, taking another sip of coffee.
Both friends spoke the truth. The couple steadied each other. Age had caught up with them, and they were not as sure on their feet as they once had been. But steadying each other wasn’t the only reason they held hands. I know, because I knew them too.
I remember the first girl I held hands with. I also recall the sweaty palms and fluttering heart when I reached out to take her hand. And I remember how my wife and I held hands continuously before and just after we married. We don’t hold hands as much now, but I still reach for her hand regularly and still feel a flutter throughout my body when the soft skin of her hand touches mine. I care for her and love her, and holding her hand is one way I show it.
The psalmist says God does the same. He loves His children beyond what we can imagine and proves it by holding our hands throughout our life journey.
M. Scott Peck began his book, The Road Less Traveled, with the following simple yet profound words, “Life is difficult. Once we truly know that life is difficult—once we truly understand and accept it—then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.”
Peck wasn’t a Christian when he wrote those words—though he later became a believer. I’m sure he could then look back and see that the reason life’s difficulties lessened was not only because our perspective on life changed but also because we started believing God held our hand through them.  
When we hold God’s hand, we trust in Him, we believe He knows what’s best for us, we believe He has a plan for our life, and we believe He knows all things from the beginning until the end. This, after all, is what holds us up.
Make sure you’re holding the most dependable hand in the world.
Prayer: Father, we hold Your hand because we know there is no other that is more secure.

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