Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Giving Control - Martin Wiles

Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you. Psalm 37:5 NLT
I wanted it as a teenager, but circumstances were against me.
I was raised in a culture of strict rules and regulations. As a part of the Baby Boomer generation, I fought for control of a society I pictured as oppressive and unfair. My parents were raised in homes where conformity was expected, and they brought their strict rules into their parenting culture. Eighteen was the magic number I longed for. When I reached it, I moved out immediately and took control of my life.
Many years later, I look back on my upbringing and appreciate the boundaries my parents inflicted. In fact, I made similar ones for my children and grandchildren.
Wanting control of our lives and situations is parcel to human nature. Giving control to others goes against the grain. The psalmist challenges the norm and instructs me to commit everything to the Lord. To give Him control. When I do, He will help me.
I’ve learned the truth of the imperative. When I attempt to control things without God’s guidance or input, I mess them up every time. Things may seem to go well initially, but trouble is on the horizon. God created us with the hope that we’d let Him control our lives, but from the very beginning we attempted to snatch control away from Him.
Giving God control of my life and circumstances is a choice. He will not force Himself upon me, and He will let me experience the consequences of my poor choices.
Giving God control takes a large leap of faith. Faith that He exists, that He wants to be involved in my life’s affairs, that He actually has the ability to control them in a way that’s best for me, and that He knows what’s best better than I do.
Allowing God to have control also takes prayer. Prayer is needed before I make a decision, while I’m making the decision, and after I make the decision.
God wants to be in the driver’s seat, but He won’t assume the position unless I willingly give it to Him. He created humans with free will—which gives me the ability to control things myself if I so desire. But I’ll only know true success when I commit everything to Him by saying, “God, take control.”
Give God the control He wants and deserves.

Prayer: Father, we commit everything we do and say to You, believing we will receive Your blessings in return. 

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