Monday, February 26, 2018

Learning to Trust - Martin Wiles

Those who trust in the Lord will possess the land.  Psalm 37:9 NLT
Not having the trust of others is a discomforting state to live in.
Some years ago—because of an unforeseen financial crunch and bad decisions of another that affected me—my credit rating plummeted to all-time lows. It had always been spotless, but now it was spotted. Years of financial struggle followed the initial blow, which meant more things went unpaid and the numbers continued sinking.
Borrowing for big-ticket items was out of the question unless I wanted to visit a firm that inflicted outrageous interest rates. The only other option was having someone co-sign for me. Thank goodness for a mother who understood and was willing to put her good-credit name on a document for me.
I knew I was trustworthy, but my explaining why my credit score was so low made no difference to the lending agency. They were looking at numbers—not my word.
Trust is a delicate item. It takes years to build, and it can be destroyed with one wrong decision—by me or someone else. Once destroyed, it requires years to re-establish—if it ever returns.
In spite of my foibles in life, God trusts me. I’m His creation—His masterpiece in the making. An object of His unconditional love. His desire is that I trust Him in return. Enough to turn control of my life over to Him so He can conform me to the likeness of Jesus and work out His plan in my life.
Trusting God means turning everything in my life over to Him. My relationships, finances, children, grandchildren, possessions, employment, and daily decisions. Doing so can be a scary adventure. I feel more comfortable when I’m in control—just as the lending agencies feel better if they control whether or not they give me money.
But letting go is the only way I can “possess the land.” Possessing the land symbolizes peace. When enemies were displaced, peace resulted. A peaceful existence is only possible when I let God control and when I truly believe He is in control. Then I don’t have to worry or be anxious. He is capable of handling any and everything that comes my way.
Trust God in every circumstance of your life. You’ll learn to live with a peace such as you’ve never experienced before.

Prayer: Father, we give You the control You desire, believing You’ll always do what’s in our best interest.

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