Monday, March 12, 2018

Loaning for God - Martin Wiles

The godly always give generous loans to others. Psalm 37:26 NLT
She loaned because she loved.
Frances worked for a small business across the road from her home. No benefits came with the job, so when she retired all she had as income was her Social Security check. Even though her income was meager, she didn’t forget her children or grandchildren when they needed help. Some of her children had addictions and made poor decisions, landing them in trouble with the law and sometimes in jail. At other times, they needed money for bills because they had spent too much of their income on foolish endeavors.
Regardless of why her family needed money, Frances doled out loans to them. Although she kept a record of who owed what—as well as of any payments they made, rarely was she repaid in full. When she died, her handwritten ledger contained records of unpaid loans.
Frances was a godly woman with a big heart—one that led her to make loans she knew would never be repaid in full. But according to the psalmist, this is what godly people do. They give generously.
The godly have reason to be generous because God has given to them generously. They have an example . . . a pattern to follow. In Christ, God has given humanity the greatest gift possible. But it wasn’t a loan. He knew we couldn’t repay what He had done for us, so He just gave us Christ.
By Christ’s death on Calvary’s cross, humanity’s sin debt was paid in full. His payment wasn’t a loan on our behalf we could repay through loving Him or doing good works. No ledger book rests in the hands of God. Only a Book of Life with the names of those who’ve accepted the results of what Christ has done. Only a list of rewards those same people will receive for good works done out of appreciation for what Christ has done for them.
When I accept Christ’s payment for my sins and choose to follow Him, I’ll be generous to others as Frances was to her family. But I won’t keep a ledger book. I won’t expect repayment from those I help. I’ll just come to the rescue of others because Christ has come to my rescue.
Get in the loan business for God. The returns are immeasurable.

Prayer: Father, enable us to give to others as You have given to us. 

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