Saturday, October 5, 2019

Don’t Forget - Martin Wiles

Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me. Psalm 103:2 NLT

What once came easily, I now struggle with.

Memory fades with age. In my late twenties, remembering things for my college classes came easily. That was beneficial. I had one professor whom we called the “grocery list professor” because his tests were solely memorization.

I noticed the change around forty. Names began disappearing. Then other things. Ten years down the road, and I could look at a student and not remember their name if I saw them in another place other than in the classroom and in their assigned seat.

I fear contracting what my maternal grandmother had: Alzheimer’s. To look at my children and grandchildren and not know who they are. Or even at my wife and not know her. Not to be able to write because my mind has malfunctioned. Or to tend to my personal needs.

I fear developing what my wife has though a young woman: a brain tumor. Although not malignant, the tumor affects her memory at times. Such as when she stared at oranges in the grocery store and couldn’t name what they were. Or when she entered our den and asked what side of her body she was pointing to.

One thing I hope I never forget are the things God has and still does for me. I perish the thought of forgetting to praise Him.

I hope never to forget God’s forgiveness. He is always faithful to His promise that if I confess my sins He will forgive. Sins that affront His holy nature. Sins that would keep me from an eternity in heaven. Sins serious enough that it costs His Son death. All freely forgiven because of God’s love. I certainly don’t deserve His forgiveness, but He offers it nonetheless. No matter how many times I mess up—or how great the mess up is—God still extends His offer of forgiveness.

I hope never to forget to thank God for the good things He gives: the necessities of life, abundant living, freedom from condemnation, an eternal home, wisdom, His Spirit, mercy. The list is endless.

And I trust I’ll never fail to thank God daily for His love. Love that surpasses any type of love anyone else could give. Love that forgives and accepts. Love that never fails and never ends.

Prevent your memory lapse by thanking God daily for all the good things He does for you.

Prayer: Father, our praise rises to You continually for the good God You are.

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