Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Clearing up the Blurries - Martin Wiles

The commands of the Lord are clear, giving insight for living. Psalm 19:8 NLT
Before I knew it, my clear world had gone blurry.
Glasses entered my world at a very young age. I had always worried that one day I might lose my sight. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened, but a checkup later in life revealed high pressure in my eyes. I saw a cornea specialist in a nearby town, and he informed me I was a candidate for glaucoma. 
But this wasn’t the reason for the blurriness. Dry-eye syndrome was the culprit. After a year of treatment, he managed to clear up my blurry vision. But it takes me tilting my head back and dropping various drops in my eyes to keep the blurries away. Do I tire of dropping drops? Yes. Would I stop? No. I like things clear, not fuzzy.
The psalmist wanted to see things clearly also. To do so, he went to God’s word. For him, the principles found therein cleared up life. No blurriness. No fuzzy vision.
Life can be blurry—as my vision was. Things in my own life haven’t always made sense. Some things in the world don’t either. The recent mass shooting by a crazed individual at a Las Vegas country music festival proves it. Why would anyone open a window and spray thousands of people with gunfire to see how many he could kill? Since he killed himself, we may never know.
God’s Word clears up the blurries. Its principles are trustworthy. People want something they can depend on as true in all circumstances. I can with God’s Word. Though many doubt their validity, I never do, and my life is clearer because of it.
From a small boy to an adult, I’ve built my life on God’s teachings. They’ve never steered me wrong, and I have faith they never will. They are pure and perfect and help me see life from God’s perspective rather than my own—which is often blurry. Seeing life from God’s viewpoint keeps me from making many unwise decisions and foolish moves.
And when things are clear, I enjoy life more. I experience peaceful living. I live through the bad times and the good times, believing God’s promise to work all things together for my good because I love Him and belong to His family.
Don’t go through life with blurry vision. Trust God’s Word and see things clearly.

Prayer: Father, thank You for providing the means through which we can see things clearly. 

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