Monday, November 26, 2018

Solid as a Rock - Martin Wiles

For who is God except the Lord? Who but our God is a solid rock? Psalm 18:31 NLT

If I couldn’t live in the mountains, I would bring a piece of them to me.

My lifelong dream is to live in the mountains. I’m hoping it will come true for me before I die. In the meantime, I brought a little of them to our house.

Some good friends bought a townhome in a nearby subdivision. The previous homeowner loved rocks. Large smooth ones that came from mountain streams and rivers. They didn’t like rocks, so they invited me to get as many of them as I wanted.
In two trips, I loaded the back of my SUV and brought them to the house, situating them around our front entranceway and around the side veranda of shrubbery. Although I can’t see mountains from where I live, I can gaze on the rocks and be reminded of them.

Rocks also remind me of God. The psalmist said He was a solid rock—like those found in mountainous regions. And this verse isn’t the only one that compares God to a rock.

Like a rock, God provides a solid foundation for my life. Jesus once told a story about a wise and a foolish builder. Later, someone made a song about the story. The wise man built his house upon the rock, but the foolish man built his on the sand. When I build my life on Christ, I’ve built on a solid foundation that the storms of life can’t destroy.

Like a rock, God is smooth. He’s stood the test of time. Rocks obtain this quality from years of water running over them. God is time-tested. He’s reliable. I could count on Him in the past, I can count on Him now, and I’ll always be able to count on Him to come through when I need Him.

The rocks around our townhome provide a retaining wall of sorts. They keep mulch from washing away during hard rains. God does the same with temptation in my life. He allows Satan to bring it, but He prevents it from becoming so overwhelming that I must give in.

Rocks are also movable. If and when we ever move, I can take these same rocks with me. And God goes with me wherever I go. I can’t leave Him, and He won’t leave me. He’s a faithful friend in and through all circumstances.

Is God like a rock in your life?

Prayer: Father, thank You for having rock-like qualities in our lives. May we always build our life on You, our Solid Rock. 

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