Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Calling, but on Whom? - Solace from the Psalms - Martin Wiles

For thousands of years, people have found comfort in the Psalms. No matter what emotion you are experiencing or fight you're facing, the psalms have something important to say. For the next little while, Love Lines from God will feature, "Solace from the Psalms." We hope you enjoy. And please share them with a friend. 

Bend down, O Lord, and hear my prayer; answer me, for I need your help. Psalm 86:1 NLT     
World population is increasing, but smaller percentages of that population are claiming a relationship with God. We’re calling—but on things or people other than God.
I was taught God is big, but if all who claim to believe in Him decided to pray simultaneously, could He handle it? Would my prayer get lost in the shuffle? I was also taught God was good, but after reading some stories in the Bible it seemed wise to fear Him. Some laws required death by stoning when disobeyed and some people—Ananias and Sapphira—dropped dead for lying.
As a young child, my parents taught me to pray—and I’ve maintained the practice. Yet I occasionally wonder how God keeps up with the numerous requests and whether disobedience in my life interferes with His answers.
David asked God to hear his prayer and was confident God would answer. God hears and answers the prayers of repentant sinners when they request forgiveness of their sins (Joel 2:32). And He is always ready to answer our prayers, but in His timing and according to His individual plan for us. Only unconfessed sin derails God’s answers (Psalm 66:18).    
God teaches through prayer. As we pray His Word with teachable hearts, God uses His standards to convict, convince, and encourage us concerning our circumstances and choices. Prayer also provides opportunity to cry out for God’s help. Faithfulness to God always brings opposition, but He promises never to leave or forsake us.
Prayer is an indispensable element of our worship. God speaks through the Bible, other believers, and circumstances, but prayer is an essential method He uses to share His will. By practicing prayer, we grow deeper and stronger in our relationship with Him.
Setting aside quiet moments, maintaining a constant attitude of prayer, finding peaceful repose, sharing with other believers, and journaling God’s answers are helpful ways to enhance our prayer experiences.
Prayer: Motivate us to prayer, Merciful Father, when life takes us to the mountain and when it deposits us in the valley.

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