Monday, August 12, 2019

Distracted by Distractions - Solace from the Psalms - Martin Wiles

For thousands of years, people have found comfort in the Psalms. No matter what emotion you are experiencing or fight you're facing, the psalms have something important to say. For the next little while, Love Lines from God will feature, "Solace from the Psalms." We hope you enjoy. And please share them with a friend. 

Guard me as you would guard your own eyes. Hide me in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 17:8 NLT
“Curiosity killed the cat.”
But it hasn’t ours…at least not yet. Only because we have tried to control her distractions.
Emma is a rescue kitty we adopted from the local humane society. Since she still had a great deal of kitten in her, she was easily distracted by things we didn’t want her to be distracted by. A small piece of litter from her box. A tassel dangling from an expensive curtain. A costly piece of glass nestled on a table. Cords on our plantation blinds. The blinds. Cables connected to our electronic devices. When we left her alone for a few hours, we never knew what devilment we would come home to. Controlling her distractions was a full-time job.
David asked God to guard him as he would his own eyes. An honorable request since he was drawn toward distractions as well.
I know the feeling too. I’m often distracted by distractions. And not all of them are sinful, but left unchecked they can steal my attention from God, family, work, friends, and important details in life. Those who are too easily distracted are sometimes diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), but when there are spiritual elements involved I call it SADD (Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder).
Time in God’s Word helps me focus. Here I find general principles to apply to my specific distractions. Through regular prayer moments, God impresses upon me the direction He wants me to travel. And by hanging around other believers, I discover I’m not the only one distracted. They encourage me to focus, and we learn from each other’s mistakes.
So when you’re distracted by too many distractions, let God re-focus you on what’s important.
Join the conversation. Tell us one way you deal with distractions. 
Prayer: Merciful God, when we’re distracted by things that are less than Your best for us, draw us back to the most important aspects of life.  

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  1. You can have nice things...
    or you can have a cat.

    You can't have both.