Monday, June 1, 2020

God Exists - Martin Wiles

Series: Nature Lessons About God

For the life of every living thing is in his hand, and the breath of every human being. Job 12:10 NLT

The warm straw-grass encapsulated my body, and I marveled.

I’ve always loved nature. As a young boy, one of my favorite things was to lie on the ground and gaze at the sky. If during the day, I’d look at the shapes of the clouds and imagine I saw various animals. If during the night, I’d gaze at the millions of stars, any planets I could see, and the moon. I’d sing, “I See the Moon.” Even though I was reared in a Christian home, I had enough sense to know all these wonderful things didn’t just happen.

And then there was the wildlife. Dad taught me to squirrel hunt, but a cousin, and others, taught me to deer hunt. I sat in a field or by the side of the road and listened as the dogs howled while they chased deer through the woods and fields.

But I enjoyed still hunting better. I climbed a tree, situated myself in a stand, and waited. As I did, I saw a variety of animals. Birds flittering through the air, singing their songs. Squirrels barking and scampering from one tree to another—sometimes the very tree I sat in. Fox or bobcats moseying through the fields. A turkey here and there, gobbling for a mate.

Again, I concluded these animals didn’t just appear, any more than I or any other human had. Someone was responsible.

Job knew it also. His life was in shambles, fair-weather friends told him God was punishing him for unconfessed sin, but Job knew better. God was responsible for his existence—and for his state of affairs.

When I came through public school, teachers still taught creation as an option for everything’s existence. Sadly, this is no longer true. Secular evolution reigns as the explanation for our appearance. But chance, even if controlled by some force, is a fickle reason to base everything’s existence upon.

Personally, I’d rather believe a loving God is responsible for the world’s existence, as well as everything on this planet—me included. Nature points to this conclusion—and it always has, which is why all people groups from the beginning of time have worshipped gods, or representations of them.

God has placed in us the knowledge that He exists and has used nature as one of His primary witnessing tools.

Don’t let a bad explanation explain away a good God.

Prayer: Father, thank You for forming a creation that witnesses of Your existence. 

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