Thursday, October 10, 2013

Death’s Sting by Martin Wiles

I was at least 3 hours from help with no way to stop what was happening.

I called it the “year of stings” because I had been stung numerous times while my brother and I were hiking. I had never been stung by a wasp or yellow jacket. Only one small bee hanging around a trash dump had ever managed to plant her stinger in my skin. But this year yellow jackets were finding my bare skin with regularity, and with each sting the reaction intensified. While I had never experienced an allergic reaction before, it appeared I was having one now. Only after slowing my pace and taking Benadryl did the reactions subside. From then on, I made sure I carried an Epi pen.

Anaphylactic shock can result in death, but for me the sting of death has vanished. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting (I Corinthians 15:55 NLT)?

God’s forgiveness takes away the sting of death. My sinful nature separates me from holy God, but his act of mercy and grace—allowing his Son to make my sin payment on the cross, makes restoration possible. My eternity is settled and sure. No worries about condemnation. No fears of the ultimate sting.

Knowing I’ll see loved ones and friends in eternity takes away death’s sting. Death is the great separator, but eternity with believers of all ages is the great coming together. This hope makes death less frightening.

But the greatest sting remover is knowing I’ll see Christ and know him as he presently knows me. I’ll be able to worship and adore for all eternity the One who made my presence there possible.

Is the thought of death still carrying a sting effect for you? If so, let Christ remove it.

Prayer: Thank You Father that with Christ in our hearts we no longer have to fear death.

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