Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Holding God’s Hand by Martin Wiles

The first time was like a warm rush I’d never experienced before.

Holding hands normally accompanies the first date or even the puppy love stage before dating is allowed. The object of affection is all that runs through one’s mind. I remember mine. She haunted me during the night and occupied my mind throughout the day. I couldn’t focus. On our first date, my palms ached with sweat until her hand was finally entwined in mine.

Almost forty years later, I still enjoy holding hands, but now I do it with my true love—my wife. But the comfort I receive from holding her hand can’t compare to holding God’s hand. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the LORD holds them by the hand (Psalm 37:24 NLT).

In order to hold God’s hand and have him grasp mine, we must be in a relationship. Not physical as I am with my wife but spiritual. Because I’ve accepted the meaning of his Son’s sacrifice on Calvary, God has accepted me and all my warts. He now observes me as holding Christ’s hand. I’m his child and no longer a sinner without hope.

Holding God’s hand is more enjoyable when there’s no friction between us. And what produces tension is willful and unconfessed sin. Sinning doesn’t remove me from his family, but it hinders my ability to hear him clearly. It’s similar to having a tiff with my wife. Things won’t be the same until the air is cleared.

I still enjoy holding my wife’s hand even though we’ve been married a number of years. And I still relish holding God’s also. When I’m nurturing the relationship, having his hand in mine grows sweeter every day. I’ll never tire of him nor will he of me.

Are you holding tightly to God’s hand?

Prayer: Thank You Father that Your hand of protection, comfort, guidance, and love always holds me tightly.

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  1. Came by looking for your Hodgepodge answer. :(

  2. I was looking for your answers as well. Holding hands is a lost art.