Monday, September 6, 2021

Meandering Monday - An Eternal Inheritance - Martin Wiles

Welcome to Meandering Monday, where we take a trip back to an earlier post and enjoy it again.

God promised everything to the Son as an inheritance, and through the Son he created the universe. Hebrews 1:2 NLT

Many have the good fortune of having relatives who’ve accumulated large sums of money or possessions. Upon their relative’s death, these items come to them by way of inheritance.

My largest inheritance was from my maternal grandfather. He was a dirt-poor farmer but had nevertheless managed to accumulate a healthy nest egg. After his demise, we grandchildren were elated to discover we would receive $1,000 each. Presently, my immediate family members are dwindling quickly, and those who remain have no inheritance to leave me.

As far as I know, what I have now is all I’ll ever have, but when I die, I’ll have it all. As a follower of Christ, God assures me I’m a joint heir of his. Since the Father has given all things to the Son, I’m in line to receive everything that belongs to the Son.

True inheritances can’t be handled or even experienced with the senses. My inheritance involves an eternal future. I’m not simply composed of matter; I have a soul. When my heart stops beating, my spirit will immediately inhabit the presence of God for eternity.

I quickly spent my grandfather’s inheritance, but my eternal inheritance can’t be disposed of. I will enjoy a perfect environment where all the effects of sin are removed. What I receive there will be free from decay and safe from theft. No imperfections are allowed. What sin distorts on earth will be holy in heaven.

This eternal inheritance will also be shared with all who have accepted Jesus as their Savior. Friendships will be perfect and not tainted as earthly ones often are by jealousy, selfishness, and neglect.

The Bible further states that God will make a new heaven and earth. I believe he’ll restore it to its original condition. Since I’ll be like the angels in heaven, I hope to have the freedom to enjoy all the earthly beauty I didn’t get to experience during my earthly lifetime.

My future inheritance is bright. How about yours?

Prayer: We honor You merciful Lord for promising us a blessed inheritance. 

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