Friday, February 28, 2020

Flashback Friday - Am I My Brother’s Keeper - Martin Wiles

Am I My Brother’s Keeper

Series: Practical Advice for Life

As I was enjoying a peaceful evening, a text arrived from my daughter. My middle brother, who was severely depressed because of his family breakup and impending divorce, instructed her to call our mom, tell her he was going to our younger brother’s house for a while, and to call his landlord and inform him that he wouldn’t be back.

His sudden leaving didn’t surprise us, but our concern deepened when our younger brother informed us he hadn’t heard from him. Nor had my brother’s high school friend—the other person he had told some he was going to live with. Since my younger brother is a detective, he immediately contacted our local authorities and requested help. Four days later—after frantic days and sleepless nights, our brother contacted us to tell us he had been hiking in the mountains and was fine. Read more...

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