Friday, January 24, 2020

Flashback Friday - Healing Hands - Martin Wiles

Healing Hands

Series: Practical Advice for Life

Little did Andy know when he traveled to a nearby town to arrest a noted publisher for failing to pay a ticket fine that he would be accused of malfeasance of office. The accusations were based on Barney's interview with one of the publisher’s reporters who disguised herself as a college kid. Telling her how Andy used the squad car for other than official business was all she needed to nail Andy. The state attorneys general saw the article and quickly presented Andy with the alarming accusation. Even more confusing was discovering that Barney was their star witness.

Andy and Barney eventually assembled the pieces of this puzzle, but Barney rose to the occasion:  “All them things I said; for example, his using the squad car for personal reasons. Sure, he was delivering groceries to Emma Watson because she was too sick to get down to the market. And that's just one example of the thing's Andy's done for the folks in this town.” (Andy on Trial 1962) Read more...

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