Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Throwback Tuesday - Chosen Not Substituted - Martin Wiles

Chosen Not Substituted

They weren’t what the doctor prescribed, but according to the pharmacist, they accomplished the same results. 

Visiting the doctor isn’t my favorite activity. Maybe I’m afraid of what he might find…or charge for my visit…or that he will prescribe distasteful medicine. But when I’m feeling extremely blah and over-the-counter medicine hasn’t worked, I gladly generate the appointment. Often, however, when presenting my prescription to the pharmacist, I hear, “We don’t carry what your doctor prescribed, but we have substituted…” As long as it delivers the same punch, I’m okay with the replacement. But I wonder, “If the substitute is as good as what the doctor originally prescribed, why didn’t he prescribe that in the first place?” Read more...

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