Monday, March 21, 2016

Overwhelmed - Martin Wiles

But the other men who had explored the land with him answered, “We can’t go up against them! They are stronger than we are.” Numbers 13:31 NLT

False accusations, anger, unkind remarks. They were all in the mix.

Ben was following in his father’s footsteps. His father had been a pastor for as long as he could remember, and he had felt God calling him to do the same thing. After four years of faithful service to his third church, Ben discovered his wife had been unfaithful. False accusations flew, among them that he knew about her antics but was covering them up. At the same time, he was leading the church through some needed changes. This was angering others—some of whom directed angry, unkind remarks toward him. 

Ben felt overwhelmed. Attacks were coming from the outside, and he was watching his family dissolve from the inside. The ruling board didn’t want to ask for his resignation, but they told him staying would probably split the church. He had to make a decision. He left. 

Moses—along with more than a million people who had recently escaped from slavery, was at the border of the long-awaited Promised Land. Spies surveyed the land so they could plan their method of attack. Of the twelve he sent, only two were confident they could take the land. The others were overwhelmed by the walled cities and the fierce people. Their fear crept on the remainder of the people. Instead of traveling on, they turned back. 

Like Ben and the ten spies, I’ve traveled through periods when I felt overwhelmed. Sometimes I was my own worst enemy; at other times, Satan was. I’m good at taking on too much, which can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed. But Satan is also an expert at capitalizing on my weaknesses and poking me at the very point that will make me feel overwhelmed. 

God would have given victory to the Israelites had they decided to enter the Promised Land. They merely had to trust Him. He wants to give me victory when I’m feeling overwhelmed as well. He can be trusted to help me set realistic priorities. He can also help me overcome the temptations that overwhelm me. All that’s required is putting on the armor He provides (Ephesians 6:10-18). 

Give God whatever is threatening to overwhelm you. In His power, you can overwhelm rather than be overwhelmed.

Prayer: Father, we thank You that we can trust You to help us overcome whatever might attempt to overwhelm us. 

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