Saturday, March 19, 2016

Unleashing the Holy - Martin Wiles

When Moses came down Mount Sinai carrying the two stone tablets inscribed with the terms of the covenant, he wasn’t aware that his face had become radiant. Exodus 29:35 NLT

They called him “deac,” but he wasn’t one.

By normal standards, my paternal grandfather didn’t have an impressive build. At five foot six inches and 165 pounds, he was comparatively small. But what he lacked in statue, he made up for in godliness. On one trip to visit him and my grandmother, my father told me of how people were accustomed to calling my grandfather “deac”—short for deacon. Interestingly, he wasn’t a deacon, but they associated him with the position because of his godly behavior. 

My grandfather wasn’t a vocal man, nor was he unusually bold in sharing his faith. He didn’t have to be. What he held onto on the inside naturally oozed out in his actions and speech. 

My grandfather himself told me of a time when he was visiting a local diner across the street from his house. As he drank his coffee, another of the usual customers took a seat beside him. The waitress came over to take his order and said, “Oh, have I got a joke to tell you…but not until Mr. Boyce leaves.” His life unleashed the holiness residing in him. 

After Moses visited with God on Mount Sinai, he lumbered down the mountain to tell the people what God had revealed to him. Unknown to him, his face shone because he had been in the presence of the Lord. So brightly, in fact, that his brother and the others were afraid to approach him. 

As a believer, God has set me apart and instructed me to be holy even as He is holy. This doesn’t entail walking around with a snobby attitude, imagining I’m better than anyone else. It simply means remembering who I am and who I represent. God has given me the righteousness of Christ, and my goal should be to reflect that to others. Jesus said, “Let your light shine.” Unleash the holy.

Living in a world that is often hostile toward Christianity means unleashing the holy takes a conscious effort. Fear, neglect, and busyness can keep it leashed if I’m not careful. But when I remember and nurture the person I am on the inside, holy living will naturally be unleashed to run free on the outside. 

Are you unleashing the holy?

Prayer: Father, give us strength to let our lights for You shine brightly before others.

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