Friday, December 18, 2015

Flashback Friday - Martin Wiles

God Unlimited

I remember the first time I donned them. I detested every minute, but the alternative wasn’t enticing. I’ve had limited sight since I was a young boy. Glasses are a required part of my wardrobe if I’m to see clearly ten feet and farther or two feet and nearer. 

Even if my eyes were 20/20, my sight would still be limited. Eyes are only constructed to see clearly for a certain distance, and they can’t see through solid objects. I can see an airplane several thousand feet above the earth in a clear sky but can’t see tomorrow. From a mountain peak, I may see hundreds of miles, but tomorrow is invisible. As a small boy sitting on my father’s shoulders at a local parade, I could see half the floats, but thirty years into my future is unknowable. Read more...

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