Thursday, December 11, 2014

Overwhelmed - Martin Wiles

As Lazarus lay there longing for scraps from the rich man’s table, the dogs would come and lick his open sores. Luke 16:21 NLT

Life can be overwhelming.

Near the beginning of the worship hour, our pastor stopped the service and said, “I feel in my spirit that there are many here today who are overwhelmed.” An altar call brought dozens to the front for prayer. Tears flowed as hands and arms reached out for comfort and support. I was hindered from going forward but could identify. My wife had undergone two MRI’s in the previous week and was scheduled for a biopsy the next. One had shown a suspicious area. The list of our physical ailments seemed to grow with age. Doctor visits and medicine were taking needed funds. We often felt overwhelmed. 

I suppose Lazarus the beggar did as well. So pitiful was he that he couldn’t fend off the dogs that licked his open sores. All he received from the rich man was bread napkins, yet he was more than happy to fill his stomach with someone else’s luxury crumbs. When life overwhelms me, I remember God’s promise of eternal comfort. Life is always more bearable when there’s a ray of future hope. As Lazarus was comforted in heaven after his death, so will I be. In heaven, all the things that overwhelm me here will be absent.

When overwhelmed, I also cling to God’s promise of eternal equality and justice. Lazarus’ situation in life must have seemed unfair to him. The rich man had it all, but he survived on bread crumbs and whatever else people might toss him. Injustices are removed in heaven. Everyone will have everything they need. 

But I don’t have to appeal only to the eternal to find comfort. God promises contentment in the present. His Spirit who is continually present with me gives guidance and comfort. I have his promise that he knows and will supply what I need to survive and accomplish his will.

Don’t let the disservices of the present life obscure God’s presence and power. Life doesn’t have to overwhelm you.

Prayer: Father, when life appears overwhelming, let us experience Your presence and power to soothe our sorrows.


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