Friday, December 12, 2014

Flashback Friday - Martin Wiles


We adopted her on a cool fall day. Rejected by her mother and malnourished, we were her only hope. She was like any other kid with one exception: her baah. Gracie was a goat. 

When my friend asked me to take her, I couldn’t resist. We had chickens and ducks, why not a goat? I made Gracie a warm home in our utility shed and introduced her to a baby bottle. After a few misses, she latched on. Her cries for milk kept us coming regularly during the day and night. 

Gracie eventually grew into a beautiful nanny and was just like a pet. She wandered freely among the chickens and ducks as if one of them. If I accidentally left the gate open, she’d follow me around the yard never attempting to run away. She knew who had rescued her. Read more...


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