Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Power of Teamwork

Moses commanded Joshua, “Choose some men to go out and fight the army of Amalek for us.” Exodus 17:9 NLT

Spaghetti noodles, ribbon, tape, and a marshmallow. How would teamwork bring anything from this conglomeration?

The first day of school had arrived. Chapel was replaced by a spill from our Middle School Lead Teacher who emphasized our theme for the year: teamwork. After explaining the importance of working together, she planned two activities demonstrating it. While gathered in homeroom groups, students worked together and used the above ingredients to construct a free-standing object. I watched and listened as my homeroom students shared ideas, made failed attempts, and finally concluded with a project that tied for the winning spot. While one person could possibly have completed the project, many hands made it easier and quicker. 

Amalek was a sworn enemy of Israel. Joshua—nor any other single person, could have defeated them alone. It required teamwork. The apostle Paul compared the church to a body; all parts are needed even though it can still function without some—yet not at its full capacity. I can live without one or even both hands, but my abilities would be affected. I can even survive without both of my legs, yet my challenges would be greater. 

I’m not a lone ranger in God’s service, nor should I attempt to be. When Jesus gave the Great Commission instructing his disciples to spread his love across the world, it was meant to apply to individual Christians and the collective church. By myself, I’m limited; with Christians worldwide working together, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished. 

Through teamwork, we exemplify our Trinitarian God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Working together enables us to discover our unique differences and learn how to use them creatively for the greater rather than lesser good. Teamwork also prepares us for heaven where all races, cultures, talents, gifts, and personalities will be represented. Make it your goal to work together for the greater good of God’s Kingdom.

Prayer: Everliving God, inspire us to work together to ensure Your message of love covers our earth. 


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