Saturday, April 19, 2014

Driven by Dreams by Martin Wiles

Dreams can be the goad that drives us into God’s bright future. 

Dreams are puzzling. During the Old Testament and early church period, God often spoke through them to reveal his message. Some today put a great deal of stock in dreams, supposing they contain secret meanings. Noted psychologist Sigmund Freud believed this. Many, however, put absolutely no faith in them at all. Still others believe they represent the night’s release of what we’ve experienced and thought about during the day. 

Joseph placed a great deal of stock in his dreams. “Listen to this dream,” he said. “We were out in the field, tying up bundles of grain. Suddenly my bundle stood up, and your bundles all gathered around and bowed low before mine!” (Genesis 37:6-7 NLT) Later, he dreamed of the sun, moon, and stars (his family) bowing before him. 

My most important dreams don’t come at night but are significant nonetheless. They represent my wishes, aspirations, and gut-level desires. They show me where I imagine myself in the future. Like Joseph’s, my dreams should be God-given. God may not speak to me through a vision, but he implants certain aspirations and passions in my heart nevertheless. When I follow these, I will be driven to fulfill his plan for me. 

The dreams that drive me should be God-honoring. And when I get them from him, they will be. Pursuing God-honoring dreams will cause me to better this world—even if only in small ways. They will push me to unselfish activities. Joseph could have made his stint in Egypt all about him, but he eventually used his position to save his family from starvation. 

Appropriate dreams will also keep me forward focused. Joseph remembered the dreams God gave him. The assurance of God’s presence—coupled with God’s promise of a bright future, kept him hanging on during the dark periods of his Egypt. 

Are you being driven into a bright future by following God-given dreams? If not, ask God to give you a dream.

Prayer: Give us wisdom, merciful Father, to understand Your dreams for our future so that we might follow them consistently.

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