Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Preserving the Temple by Martin Wiles

Since I’ve been a young child, I’ve periodically neglected mine. Fortunately, it has held up amazingly well so far.

The human body is an awesome creation. While I’ve never allowed anyone to puncture it with needles and ink, I’ve abused it in other ways. It has withstood addictive and harmful substances placed in it by a reckless teenager and a less than responsible young adult. I’ve occasionally allowed it to suffer in appearance. And since I’ve always been a fan of junk food, my body has inhaled its share of unhealthy substances.

Under the Old Testament era, God’s people were to bring a tenth of their produce to the temple to support those who cared for it. They in turn gave a tenth of that to the temple leaders. This ensured God’s house and its workers were cared for. We promise together not to neglect the Temple of our God (Nehemiah 10:39 NLT).

In the present, however, my body is God’s temple, and I’m just as responsible for caring for it as those in ancient times were the literal temple (I Corinthians 6:19). Feeding it spiritually prevents malnourishment due to lack of godly input. Gobbling down large portions of God’s Word and topping it off with prayer desserts always re-energize me. Spiritual exercise is just as important to my well being as physical exercise is. I’ve discovered I must ingest healthy substances if my temple is to remain clean.

Allowing my temple to interact with others of like faith also keeps me in shape. Through fellowship, I’m encouraged, challenged, convicted, and comforted. Also involved in keeping my temple clean are my attitudes. I can keep the outside of my temple clean, but if the inside is dirty, I’m still filthy.

What are you doing to preserve your temple?

Prayer: Give us strength and courage O merciful Father to keep our temples clean for Your honor.

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