Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why Worship God Part III by Martin Wiles

Alexander the Great. As one of history’s most successful commanders, he conquered the known world and disseminated the Greek language and culture.

Albert Einstein. A German born physicist whose theory of relativity is one of the two pillars of physics. In fact, his E=mc2 formula has been called “the world’s most famous equation.” 

Ludwig van Beethoven. A German composer and pianist whose compositions include symphonies, concertos, sonatas, and string quartets.

All great men but none worthy of worship. God alone holds that position. He holds in his hands the depths of the earth and the mightiest mountains. The sea belongs to him, for he made it. His hands formed the dry land, too (Psalm 95:4-5 NLT).

God is worthy of worship because he’s my creator. I recently glimpsed a sign that read, “My great grandpa is not a gorilla.” I concur. I’m not the product of unguided development and sketchy change originating from a pool which just happened to appear. My ancestor is an intelligent being and master designer.

As creator of all things, God owns them as well. Worship recognizes this. Everything I have and am…materially and in talents, originates with him. I’m only a steward. Worship acknowledges my recognition of this progression and expresses my appreciation.

Because God is the owner, I’m also held accountable. Faithful use of what God has given prepares me for the day when I’ll stand before him for the final reckoning of my faithfulness with his treasures. Have I wasted, misused, or neglected them? Or have I loyally honed them? My goal is to hear him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Are you worshipping God as the creator and owner of all you are and have? Thank him that in Christ you are a joint heir of all that’s His.

Prayer: We acknowledge, Almighty Father, that You are our creator and that everything we have proceeds from You. Enable us to use it for Your honor and glory.

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