Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Worship God Part II by Martin Wiles

Some worship only one while others honor hundreds. Some propose theirs is spirit while others fashion representations. Some even unearth theirs in nature.

A perusal of world history reveals people groups have traditionally worshipped higher beings. Expressions of worship differ, but worship we do. From Christians who worship one God to others who worship numerous gods, we worship.

People’s picture of God also differs. Some believe in strict gods like the one seemingly displayed in the Old Testament. One who has enacted numerous rules…the breaking of which bears severe consequences. Others claim to worship a god of love who overlooks the foibles of his creations and eventually allows everyone into heaven.

The message of the Bible emits a portrait of one God who is worthy of worship because he’s great. For the LORD is a great God, the great King above all gods (Psalm 95:3 NLT).

God is great in love. So much so that he rectified the sinful mistakes of his creations and provided a way for our salvation. He allowed his sinless Son to die for our sins. And while his love extends to everyone, he’ll not forgive sin unless the sacrifice is accepted.

God is also great in his patience. He gives multiple opportunities for people to approach him for forgiveness. Only persistent rebellion until death will eternally separate someone from him. Even God’s children are given repeated second chances when they fall short of his standards.

Additionally, God is great because of his plan. Every one of his creations is designed with a purpose in mind. The only requirement is that we seek it, accept it, and live it.

Which god are you worshipping? The God of the Bible…Yahweh, is the only true God. Connect with him and experience his love, patience, and purpose.

Prayer: Thank You Almighty God for making Yourself known to us. Motivate us to worship You in all of Your holiness because You’re a great God.

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  1. What amazes me so much of the worship that our Pappa God asks of us, is that He considers our giving Him our bodies as our spiritual act of worship!
    Much love