Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Worship God Part IV by Martin Wiles

I felt like a stuck pig. Blood like a raging river poured from my foot. I had stepped on a piece of glass and was nowhere near home.

Although a tenderfoot, I enjoyed going barefoot as a child. There was nothing quite like the feel of soft grass or dirt under my feet and between my toes. Unfortunately, foreign objects were often in the mix as I discovered this day. The pain wasn’t intense, but the bleeding was profuse. I hobbled home as quickly as possible. Mom immediately filled the bathtub with warm water and instructed me to insert my foot. With her careful care, the bleeding stopped and I was once again strolling with naked feet.

As moms care for their children, so God does his offspring. We are the people he watches over, the flock under his care (Psalm 95:7 NLT).

I worship God because I relish his unconditional love…the same type of love a parent exhibits to a child, a love that bleeds regardless of my behavior, and a love that doesn’t increase but that also won’t decrease. God’s daily whisper…I love you regardless…is comforting.

God’s care is demonstrated by his meeting my needs of security, significance and self-worth. He’ll never leave or forsake me, I can do all things through the power of Christ in me, and I’m important because he’s my Creator and I’m his child. And to top it off, he normally satisfies a few of my wants.

But God’s care extends even beyond this life and into eternity where he’s prepared a place for his children. All of sin’s curses will be removed, and I’ll enjoy his presence forever.

Does God’s care lead you into a worshipful state of mind? No one can or ever will care for you like Him.

Prayer: God of glory and power, we honor You today and always for allowing us the privilege of receiving Your care for all of our needs.

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