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Justice for All - Karen Huffaker

Justice for All
But the Lord has been my defense, and my God the rock of my refuge. Psalm 94:22 NKJV

The classroom was quiet as students worked on their primary lessons. I was focused and minded my own business. Suddenly, Dick leaned over and kissed me. I promptly scolded him, but guess who got in trouble? Not Dick!

Our first-grade teacher blamed me for the disruption. As the principal’s wife, she was stricter than the other first-grade teacher. There was no one to defend me. I was sure a witness was at my table, but no one spoke up. The teacher directed me to stand behind the door for a time. Later, I could return to my seat. This was my earliest experience with fairness and justice, or lack thereof.

In the Old Testament, Joseph, son of Jacob, was wrongfully accused of an offense against Potiphar’s wife, then arrested and imprisoned. But God turned that situation around many years later, and Joseph was a blessing to the Israelites.

When life is unfair, where can we turn? Who can bring about truth and justice? Jesus is our saving defense, the rock of our refuge to whom we can turn.

We hear about situations when truth and fairness occur. We cheer on the little guy—glad he’s had a happy ending to his story and that justice prevailed despite resistance.

I applaud bold and vocal people who stand up for what is right, true, and good. I admire the ones who step out of the shadows and become heroes on the side of justice. There is right and wrong, true and false, and good and evil. 

In any circumstance, I know my true and faithful defense and refuge is God. I can trust in His promises. We can step up to the plate when we know those who are weak, infirm, forgotten, excluded, or destitute. We can be a voice for them and extend our support.

God will judge all things when we stand before His throne. I want to be on the side of righteousness, truth, and goodness. Make sure you are standing there, too. 

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Karen Huffaker is a freelance Christian writer. She has taught children’s Sunday school and single mom’s Bible studies and written poetry. She is from the Deep South and loves reading Christian books, devotionals, genealogy adventures, fishing, and all things family. She is also passionate about her grandchildren’s sporting events. 

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