Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Down in the Dust of Discouragement - Martin Wiles

down in the dust
I lie in the dust, completely discouraged; revive me by your word. Psalm 119:25 NLT

Rejections can put us down in the dust.

Writers know about rejection. The only way to avoid it is never to send anything out for publication.

We hear such things as “We’re sorry. We are not receiving manuscripts at this time,” or “We’d like to hold your devotional for further consideration.”

Then ten minutes later, another email arrives saying they decided not to use it after all. When rejection letters or emails come, I want to put down the pen—or, in my case, the keyboard. What’s the use? I think. No one wants to read my stuff anyway. Feelings of worthlessness can follow. Before long, I’m in the dust.

Why the psalmist was discouraged, I’m not sure. Perhaps he had witnessed the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by invading armies. Maybe, he wondered if it would ever be rebuilt or if he would ever return to his homeland. Whatever the source, he was down in the dust.

Satan loves to put believers in the dust. He’s had me there quite a few times. On one occasion, I had been out of work and sent out hundreds of resumes applying for positions in my profession, only to be rejected by every single one. I was older than those they looked for. I didn’t have the credentials they sought. I didn’t…. The reason wasn’t important. The rejections left me in the dust.

Satan knows putting us in the dust often leads to discouragement. If he can turn up the discouragement, we might give up and quit. Unhealthy emotions will take over, and before we know it, we’re depressed or feeling worthless. No initiative left. Dreams dashed. Goals evaporated. In the dust and useless.

God never intends for us to grovel in the dust, unless to repent. He wants us to know we can do all things through Him because He gives us strength. He wants us to learn contentment in every situation by realizing He’s in control.

Whatever you’re facing, God is all you need to get through. Trust God to lift you out of your down-in-the-dust episode.

Prayer: Father, thank You for lifting us up when we are in the dust. 

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