Monday, March 7, 2022

Blue Kangaroo - Cathy Hill

For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13 NIV

I found the book hidden under a stack of others. 

Of the hundreds of books I have read to my daughter, this little book was one of our favorites. When nap time came, I reassured her she would love it.

A tiny little girl had a dear friend named “Blue Kangaroo.” Blue Kangaroo went everywhere with the little girl, and her affection for her little friend was quite evident. Through a series of visitors and a birthday party, the little girl received a handful of other small and large stuffed toys. Each one took a place in her heart and her bed until Blue Kangaroo was far off to the side.

Night after night, Blue Kangaroo expressed his worries and sadness until finally, his little mind wrote, “There’s just no room for me anymore.” And he rolled off the side of the bed.

Magically, Blue Kangaroo found his way to her brother’s bed. In a desperate search the next morning, the little girl found the kangaroo and exchanged all her new toys for the kangaroo.

My Ava loved the Blue Kangaroo, and she adored his heroic return. I admit I did too.

We want a happy ending, we want to know everything will be okay, and we want things and people and precious parts of our hearts to stay in the order they were meant to be.

Only they do not. At times, the Spirit of God can seem like our breath. But then life gets in the way. The newness of self-sufficiency comes first, followed by control and pride. We seem not to need anything or anyone. We have it all, until the unthinkable happens.

And then we wonder where our first love went. We wonder if what we held will still hold us. If God is listening when we whisper agony in the middle of the night.

Our view has dimmed as if looking through a foggy window. He is there—we somehow know He is there—but He is unrecognizable because we have pushed Him to a corner.

Pull God in. Don’t trade the glory He holds for the good of what you hold.

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Cathy is a writer, teacher, and entrepreneur. She met her husband Brian while studying in Paris, France. They make their home in Geneva, IL, with their four children and their daughter-in-love. She loves writing about the wonder and whimsy of life and her love for Jesus. Her first book is Destination: Fierce, Moving from Fear to Fierce. Learn more about Cathy at

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