Wednesday, June 3, 2020

God Loves - Martin Wiles

Series: Nature Lessons about God

But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. Matthew 10:29 NLT

Hogs and birds have taught me a lot about God’s love.

My maternal grandfather—Pappy I called him—raised hogs. And my cousin and I loved nothing more than to roam the hog pens.

One thing we enjoyed observing was a sow giving birth. When the sow had finished delivering all the little pigs, she would lie still while each piglet rooted for a milk source. If she happened to be lying in a position where some of her little ones couldn’t get milk, she would quickly know by their squeals and then rearrange herself so all could get nourishment.

Loving hogs remained in my blood. During the few times in my life when I lived in places where I had room to raise a few hogs, I did. As the memories of my boyhood returned, I watched again as the sows gave birth, and the piglets rooted for milk. Mom cared for the little ones by giving them milk and by guarding them against strangers, others hogs who might harm her young, and any other dangerous animals.

I’ve seen mother birds do the same, but in a different way. For hours on end, they sat on eggs, leaving only briefly for food and water. When their young hatched, they flew hundreds of trips back and forth, searching for and then bringing back food for their young. Bugs. Worms. The young waited at the nest or in a birdhouse with mouths open, and Mom—and Dad—inserted the food into their open beaks.

Jesus taught about God’s love for us by appealing to nature. If a single sparrow doesn’t fall to the ground without God knowing about it, then surely He knows about the fortunes and misfortunes we experience.

God’s love is powerful. A sow can turn deadly if her little ones are threatened. So can a mother bird. Although God may not keep us safe from temporal dangers, He ultimately controls what comes into our lives and will protect us eternally in heaven.

God’s love has no end and is repetitious. As long as they are together, sows continue to love their pigs no matter how large they grow. So do birds. God’s love knows no boundaries.

God’s love also leads Him to act on our behalf. As sows and birds provide for the ones they love, so God acts in our best interests. Everything He does helps us accomplish His plan and enjoy the life He has created for us.

If you doubt God’s love, just look at a hog or a bird.

Prayer: Father, thank You for being a God of love who reaches down to us in our need.

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