Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Throwback Tuesday - Was Jesus God or Just a Man? - Martin Wiles

Was Jesus God or Just a Man?

Series: Hey God…I Have a Question

When I glance at my dog and cat, I can easily distinguish the difference. How can I do this so easily? After all, they both have ears, mouths, tongues, eyes, tails, legs and feet, teeth, and fur. I suppose the obvious giveaway is that one meows while the other barks. 

But suppose I was deaf. Then how would I know? Somewhere in my distant past, my parents, grandparents, nursery workers, and other significant people taught me the difference. They either showed me a picture or the real thing and said “Dog” or “Cat.” Why even my fifteen-month-old grandson knows the difference. If I ask him where the kitty is, he looks at the cat and points. When he sees the dog, he says “Dog.” How does he know? Because I’ve done the same with him as others did with me. I show him the real thing as well as point them out in books we read. I know…he knows, because someone told us so and because I see others naming them the same thing. Read more...

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