Friday, November 1, 2019

Flashback Friday - Enjoy the Journey - Martin Wiles

Enjoy the Journey

When finishing the task is all that’s on my mind, I don’t often enjoy the journey.

I’m task-oriented. Born with a Type A personality and two parents who had the same, I was marked from the beginning. With no chance of being laid back, I live life with rapid fury. How I functioned in college, in particular, illustrates this well. Within the first two days of a semester’s beginning, I received all my syllabi. Contained in those pages were numerous papers I was required to write to receive credit for the course. Rather than waiting until the last minute like many of my classmates, I immediately put my assignments in order by date and began pecking away to complete them. Perhaps my anxiety and hurriedness along the way prevented me from enjoying what I could have learned during the research and writing phase of each project. Read more..

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