Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Throwback Tuesday - Woven Together by God - Martin Wiles

Woven Together by God

They always introduced their projects with identical stitches, but the ending products were never the same.

From the moment of my birth until her death 17 years later, my great-grandmother lived with my grandparents. Her trade—at least in her retirement years, was crocheting. For hours at a time and for days on end, I watched her slouch in her favorite chair or on her bed and work the needle that resulted in an assortment of items. She hand delivered this art to my grandmother who also spent hours and months on the couch crafting her next project. I’ve inherited most of their remaining pieces: tablecloths, doilies, Christmas ornaments, and tree skirts. Their largest projects, however, were afghans. Stitch after stitch, square after square, circle after circle, day after day, month after month…until a masterpiece emerged. I marveled at the intricacy and delicate patterns that produced these masterpieces. They knew every inch intimately. Read more...

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