Friday, November 23, 2018

Flashback Friday - Dealing with Doubts - Martin Wiles

Dealing with Doubts

Deep inside…occasionally…temporarily—and on bad days, I’m a skeptic. 

But before you pronounce judgment, examine your inner self. The one no one else knows. The side you only let escape when you’re with the closest of friends. If you’re honest, you’ll probably admit that sometimes you’re a doubter too.

I know asking God for something without believing he’ll grant it is useless. I’ve prayed without faith. More often than I want to admit. I say I believe—I even act like I do, but deep inside I’m not sure I always do. If I did, I wouldn’t be surprised when God actually answers. Like most, when I was young in the faith, I believed God could and would do anything. But then I became over familiar with my faith and it lost its edge. Read more...

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