Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cheating Death - Martin Wiles

You boast that you have struck a bargain to avoid death and have made a deal to dodge the grave. Isaiah 29:15 NLT

During my teenage years, I often cheated death…or so I thought.

Growing up as a teenager in the 1970’s made it easy to rebel. It seemed everyone was against something. Add to this that I was growing up in the home of a fundamentalist preacher, and it should be easy to understand why I chose to join the rebellious. 

My rebellion took me down the path to bad addictions: tobacco, drugs, alcohol. Like most teens, I thought I was invincible. Though the thought of death frightened me, it didn’t scare me enough to make me change my ways. Driving drunk or drug intoxicated was the norm on the weekend. How I got home safely without killing myself or someone else is nothing short of a miracle. I cheated death, but only because God had other plans for me. 

Isaiah had a word about death for his listeners who thought they could cheat death. God would send their enemies, and when they came, death would follow. 

I may have cheated death numerous times as a teenager, but I won’t cheat it in the end. If Jesus tarries with his Second Coming, I will walk the way all others have walked. Sickness will overtake me. My organs will finally shut down. A tragedy will strike. 

Whatever the form, death will strike. Death is the great leveler of humanity. I may differ from others in social standing, religious beliefs, and in many other ways, but the ground is level where the end of life is concerned. Science may discover many medical marvels, some of which have the ability to extend life, but they’ll never make a discovery that will prevent death. 

As a teen I feared death, even while thinking I was unconquerable. Though I don’t enjoy thinking about it now, I no longer fear it. My life is now in God’s hands. He has forgiven my trespasses against Him, cleaned the slate, and assured me of a heavenly home. I can now face death with the calm assurance of an eternity with my Heavenly Father.

Though I knew Christ as a teen, I knew Him from a distance. Now I know Him close up. I cannot cheat death, but I can face it—through faith, with the knowledge that I’ll be victorious over it through the resurrection of my body and spirit. 

Do you mistakenly think you can cheat death?

Prayer: Father, even though we must walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we know You are with us and will protect us. 

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