Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tutored by God - Martin Wiles

The law was our guardian (tutor) and teacher to lead us until Christ came. So now, through faith in Christ, we are made right with God. Galatians 3:24 NLT

Tutoring isn’t usually initiated by students. It wasn’t in my case. 

Parents who observed their children struggling approached me about giving their child extra help. Tutoring comes in several varieties. Some children need remedial tutoring. They haven’t grasped concepts learned in an earlier grade, making it difficult or impossible for them to keep up in their current grade. Others just need extra help understanding current concepts. A little one-on-one time with a tutor is all many children need to scale the hump. And then there’s the rare occasion when a student wants to get ahead of the class. This tutoring involves introducing concepts that would normally be introduced later in the year or even the next year. On whatever level of tutoring a child is, teaching and understanding are the goals. 

Paul considered God’s Old Testament law a tutor. God’s law was designed to guard or tutor until it was fulfilled in Christ. The sacrificial system tutored the people about the concept of the innocent being sacrificed for the guilty. Animals were slain during the Old Testament period, but Christ was slain in the New. 

Now that Christ has fulfilled the law, the new tutor is God’s Spirit. Jesus said if He went away He would send a Comforter, the Holy Spirit. He is my tutor who guides, teaches, encourages, and comforts me. All traits of a good tutor. 

God’s Spirit tutors the lost by introducing them to the way of salvation. He often uses people as the means to do that. After I’ve trusted Christ as my Savior, I’m to tutor others in the way of salvation. This tutoring can be accomplished by praying for the lost, being prepared to witness when the opportunity arises, taking training courses in how to witness, and by being sensitive to witnessing opportunities. 

God’s Spirit tutors believers by guiding them to understand God’s truth as revealed in His Word, by teaching them how to apply that Word to everyday situations and circumstances, by encouraging them to pick themselves up and try again when they fail, and by comforting them in times of failure, sorrow, and grief. 

Tutors have been trained in the material they teach. Believers have been tutored by God so they might become tutors as well. 

Are you tutoring those God sends your way?

Prayer: Father, thank You for the tutoring of Your Spirit. May we take what we learn and use it to tutor others. 

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