Saturday, May 14, 2016

Defining Marriage Part 1 - Martin Wiles

This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one. Genesis 3:24 NLT

Definitions of marriage are changing.

The senior pastor of a prominent church in South Carolina recently commented, “There’s no family value system in the Bible that we would lay into the 21st century. We don’t have two wives and sleep with our maids and have a bunch of children and that be fine. What we believe about marriage and family is culturally driven, not biblically driven.” 

Sadly, many are defining marriage according to what society says it should be and disregarding what God says. For the most part, I was fortunate enough to observe healthy marriages in my family. Grandparents who were married to the same partner and for a lifetime. Parents who followed suit. I watched them face difficulties and strongholds and yet hold fast. I’ve also watched many marriages in my family disintegrate—for good reasons and for not so good reasons. Physical abuse versus “I’m just tired of you as my partner.” 

God performed the first marriage in the Garden of Eden. After naming the animals, Adam found none other like himself. God recognized it wasn’t good for him to be alone, so He created a woman and performed the first marriage. A man and a woman placed in a pristine environment and given the challenge to populate the earth. 

Marriage is a God idea. Since marriage is God’s idea, we need to pay attention to what He says about it rather than what society might say. 

Marriage is a significant institution. Couples who enter it with the “If it doesn’t work out, we’ll get a divorce,” set themselves up for failure from the beginning. 

Ending a marriage is a serious decision. Saying the “I do’s” with the intent of staying together through thick and thin strengthens the marriage from the beginning. Ending a marriage is a serious thing. Jesus said it could be for unfaithfulness—but it doesn’t have to be. Many marriages survive it if the couple is willing to sacrifice and work diligently. What God puts together shouldn’t be ended on a whim. Only serious and dangerous issues should end it.

Don’t let Satan steal the joy and permanency God intends for your marriage. 

Prayer: Father, give us strength to do what’s necessary to have a strong marriage.

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