Monday, April 25, 2016

The Word That Lasts Part 1 - Martin Wiles

I assure you, until heaven and earth disappear, even the smallest detail of God’s law will remain. Matthew 5:18 NLT

“Do we have to read the genealogical records too?”

Daily devotional readings were common in my childhood home. And not from a Bible story book. Our readings came straight from the Bible. I hated it when I knew the next night’s reading would be nothing but the descendants of so and so. Evidently, my mother didn’t enjoy them either. When she would huff and say, “Buddy, do we have to read that,” he would say, “Yes.” Every part of God’s Word was important, whether it was boring or not. 

Jesus was of the same mindset as my father. Though in His time only the Old Testament had been written, every portion was important. I’ve learned a few things about the Bible. 

My opinion of God’s Word doesn’t matter. My father didn’t care whether or not I wanted to hear genealogical lists. I would listen because he made the rules, and sitting through nightly Bible readings was one. God didn’t consult me when He made His rules and gave the commands. They are for my spiritual, physical, and emotional good—whether I think so or not. And I’m still accountable for obeying them even if I don’t agree with them.

My opinion of God’s Word affects my lifestyle. If I believe it’s God’s Word for me, I’ll obey and teach others to obey. If I disregard it as nothing more than myths, fables, folktales, and great literature, I’ll adhere to its teachings if it suits me but neglect them if it doesn’t. 

A low opinion of God’s Word leads to a low opinion of sin and a reckless lifestyle. What I think about sin affects how I live. If I re-define sin as a mistake, slip up, or human error, I won’t beat myself up too much when I commit one. I also won’t worry too much about whether my lifestyle matches what God says it should be. 

On the other hand, a high opinion of God’s Word changes my opinion of sin and leads to a spiritually healthy lifestyle. Jesus said if I loved Him I would obey His commands. His commands involve what I shouldn’t do or think. Sin. When I choose not to practice sin, I’ll live the abundant life He offers. 

What effect is God’s Word having on your life?

Prayer: Father, may we view the Bible as Your Word to us. 

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