Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Speaking Truth into Memory - Martin Wiles

I have recited aloud all the regulations you have given us. Psalm 119:13 NLT

Truth and temptation have interesting ways of entering our minds. 

During elementary school, I was introduced to multiplication tables. Beginning with one times one, we learned up to 12 times 12. When we had finally mastered 12 times 12, we stopped. Our goal was reached. Large cards with the equation were held up by the teacher. No overheads or projectors in those days. Only after each student had stood before the class and recited their 1’s, 2’s, etc., did we move on to the next number. Though I hated standing in front of the class, I always had a good memory so the practice wasn’t difficult, just embarrassing. 

Almost fifty years later, I still remember my multiplication tables without really thinking about the answers. Because I spoke truth repeatedly into my memory, it stuck. 

The psalmist knew the importance of memorization as well. He probably wasn’t concerned with math facts, but he was with the principles of God’s Word. 

My parents and early childhood Sunday School teachers were also. I memorized the books of the Bible and demonstrated my knowledge by participating in sword drills. I also memorized special verses in the Bible that most Christians deemed important. Verses like John 3:16 and Romans 10:9, 10. Many of the verses I memorized as a child have stuck with me. 

Some years ago, I bought a small pocket sized notebook and began recording special Bible verses in it. Many of those I’d memorized as a child. Verses reminding me of God’s promises, love, and provision when facing troublesome times. Before long, I had filled the book. I keep it beside my favorite chair. Periodically, I’ll look through the book and recite the verses. 

God’s Word doesn’t automatically enter my mind, but I can speak it there. Repeating verses aloud speaks truth into my memory. Doing it often speaks it into my long term memory where it remains. When it’s firmly implanted, God will use those verses to guide me through the challenges of everyday life. 

Regardless of the situation or emotion I face, there will be a verse that fits. Are you speaking truth into your mind? It’s never too late to start. 

Prayer: Father, may Your word be so important to us that we would speak into our memories.

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