Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Peace in Turmoil - Martin Wiles

“It is all right,” the LORD replied. “Do not be afraid. You will not die.” Judges 6:23 NLT

Elsie and Connie grew up in a home with little peace. Their father was a stern man desperately trying to eke out a living on a small farm with less than 100 acres of open farmland. With only one small tractor, tending crops through their various stages of growth was difficult. Finding money to hire workers was even more challenging. If this wasn’t enough, he had to hire wealthier farmers with larger equipment when the time came to harvest his crops. Unfortunately, his manner of dealing with his lot was unsettling. Through late nights of whiskey drinking, he attempted to forget his difficult situation. With gambling, he hoped to win the money necessary to transform his circumstances. Elsie, Connie, and their mother would run and hide when they saw his truck pulling into the driveway. They knew he was drunk—and perhaps mad if he lost at cards, but couldn’t ever determine what his reaction might be when he entered the door. Peace in his presence was rare for the small country family.

Gideon wasn’t feeling much tranquility either. An angel of the Lord appeared to him telling him God was going to use him to defeat a formidable enemy of his people: the Midianites. After offering a sacrifice and watching the angel evaporate into the flames, Gideon realized he had been in God’s presence. Fear engulfed him, but God assured him he wouldn’t die. He managed to unearth peace in God’s presence. 

Finding peace in God’s presence is simple when I understand forgiveness, acknowledge his power, and accept his love. Forgiveness removes the fear of condemnation, giving me freedom to serve him. My past is immaterial; the future is bright. Realizing I serve in his power removes all fear of failure. I can do all things through the indwelling power of his Spirit. And accepting his love gives peace regardless of life’s situations. Nothing can ever separate me from the love of Christ. 

Let God’s presence bring you peace. 

Prayer: Father, thank You for the peace we can find in Your presence.


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