Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Opt for the Better Hope - Martin Wiles

For the law never made anything perfect. But now we have confidence in a better hope, through which we draw near to God. Hebrews 7:19 NLT

John’s reputation at work was spotless. He was a diligent worker with integrity to match—until a worker in a neighboring office brought false accusations against him. His serene day was interrupted by a call to the boss’s office where the accuser, her boss, and several other co-workers sat. He was questioned about a comment he had made, but the accusation associated with it had been taken out of context. He explained his meaning and expressed surprise at the co-worker who was accusing him of something he would never do. When the meeting ended, John was surprised to know that even though the matter had been settled, the accusation would be placed in his permanent file. He was angry that his good name would be soiled, but hope soon surfaced. His employer accompanied him to the personnel director and pleaded on his behalf. Then another co-worker helped him expunge the record. John’s hope was renewed through the intercession of two friends. 

Life was frustrating in Old Testament Israel, and hope was dim. A constant threat of punishment for sins hung over every man, woman, boy, and girl. Sacrifices were plentiful, and so were the priests who offered them in the worshiper’s behalf. The priesthood seemed to function well, but no assurance of forgiveness was ever felt. A better hope was needed. 

I’ve been in John’s predicament a time or two. The woods are full of people who’d love to ruin our reputations, jump ahead of us when a work promotion presents itself, cheat from our paper, gossip about our family, steal our hard-earned possessions, and harm us or our family members. I need an intercessor like John had, and fortunately I have one in Jesus Christ. He stands by my side when no one else will. He is powerful enough to turn around bleak situations and protect me from those who would try to spoil my reputation and harm me physically or emotionally. He is my better hope and only a prayer away. 

Are you looking to Christ for hope? 

Prayer: Father, may our hope in You remain steadfast through the trials of life. 


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