Thursday, May 28, 2015

Waiting Patiently - Martin Wiles

Then Abraham waited patiently, and he received what God had promised. Hebrews 6:15 NLT

I’m the king of impatient. While growing up, one of my parents’ and grandparents’ favorite sayings to me was, “That money is burning a hole in your pocket.” They were right. What little money I earned from allowance I quickly spent. Interestingly, my wants usually occurred somewhere in close proximity to my birthday or Christmas. I was cautioned about buying things so close to these special days. “Wait and see if you get it for Christmas or your birthday,” they would say. Rarely did I. As I proudly displayed my new purchase, I often witnessed a sigh. Now they would have to think of something else to get me…or even take back what they had already purchased.  

God promised Abraham a son through whom millions of descendants would come. Twenty five years passed from God’s initial promise to the son’s actual birth. Abraham’s patience was interrupted by his wife’s impatience. She suggested they hurry God along. She gave her servant in marriage to Abraham as a surrogate mother. God wasn’t pleased, but still kept his promise. 

People say not to pray for patience because I probably won’t like the methods God uses to develop it in me. Nowadays, I rarely do, but I’ve discovered God uses the methods they were referencing anyway. God manufactures patience in me through life experiences that teach me to wait even though the money still burns my leg. 

Though I don’t always appreciate the methods God uses to test and develop my patience, the fact that I allow him to use them demonstrates my trust level. His methods are varied, sometimes illogical, and may seem unending, but he sees end results I can’t. Through his mercy driven tests, I learn to take things in stride without getting angry, upset, or running ahead of him. And to top it off, he produces spiritual growth and maturity so I can be a spiritual guide to those who follow in my footsteps. 

How are you responding to God’s efforts to produce patience in your life?

Prayer: Dear Father, give us the patience needed to allow You to accomplish Your plan in our life. 


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