Monday, March 9, 2015

When God Surprises Me - Martin Wiles

Then the LORD said to Samuel, “I am about to do a shocking thing in Israel.” I Samuel 3:11 NLT

What shocks me doesn’t come as a surprise to God. 

Forty is the age most men and women don’t enjoy reaching. Fifty has become the new 40, but when I turned 40 it was the dreaded number. Mid-life. Ailments. Regret. All scenarios associated with reaching the halfway mark of life. Also the number when surprise parties are thrown—and I was the recipient of one. As soon as I completed my sermon, a wheelchair appeared, and I was rolled to an adjoining building where black balloons, walking sticks, coarse sayings, and a black coffin greeted me. I ate a black cake, and drank from black glasses. 

The shocking thing God was about to do in Israel was remove the priest and his sons. Eli served God well, but his sons were rebellious and an embarrassment. To top it off, Eli never disciplined them but let them freely display their raucous behavior.  

God has shocked me on quite a few occasions. While going through a financial crunch, a church member approached me and said, “God told me to give this to you,” and then handed me $500. After our television crashed, a friend called and said he had a free one for us. When we needed another vehicle but didn’t have the credit rating for a loan, Mom signed the note. 

When God shocks me, it reminds me he’s all-powerful. What may seem like a mountain to me is only a small hill for him. His surprising endeavors uncover my lack of faith. What I doubt he may accomplish, he shows he will in spite of my unbelief. These shocking interventions acclimate me to change and also strengthen my faith. God loves me unconditionally and enjoys showing it in outrageous ways. 

Additionally, God’s surprises enhance my testimony. As I experience his alarming ways of supplying my needs, I gain experience I can share with others who need the assurance of his love and the promise of his intervention. 

Let God shock you into a healthier faith.

Prayer: God of mercy and grace, thank You for intervening in our lives in spite of our predominant lack of faith. 


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  1. Good to hear this. God saves... Hallelujah!

  2. He does have an abundant outrageous love for His children!

    Visiting you from Titus2Tuesday