Thursday, March 27, 2014

When the Earth Moves

The house trembled, and a cold fear slithered across my body. 

With the exception of a few years, I’m a life-long South Carolinian, but I’ve never felt what I did on Valentine’s Day, 2014. As my wife and I enjoyed a leisurely evening in our recliners, a low rumble began and grew louder. Then suddenly the house shook for the longest five seconds I’ve ever encountered. Since I’d never experienced an earthquake before, I wasn’t sure what this was. Shortly thereafter, the local newscast revealed the story: a 4.1 magnitude earthquake had registered a mere 25 miles away. Two days later, a smaller aftershock briefly quivered our house again. My wife’s sentiments were mine: “That was kind of creepy.” While South Carolina experiences many small earthquakes every year, this one informed me of its presence.  

For I will shake the heavens. The earth will move from its place when the LORD of Heaven’s Armies displays his wrath in the day of his fierce anger. (Isaiah 13:13 NLT)

Earthquakes are easily explained by scientists. The earth rests on moving plates. When too much bumping and moving occurs, quakes happen. While science can explain the phenomenon, it soothes my nerves to know God’s in control of the moving plates. 

Earthquakes also remind me I serve a powerful God who not only controls the plates but the entire natural system. I have a choice as to how I’m going to respond to him. I can fear him or ignore him. If I reverence him, I’ll come to him often with confession, repentance, prayers, praise, and requests for guidance. 

Even while knowing an earthquake could cause my death, I still have peace. Whether in life or death, I belong to God. So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea. (Psalm 46:2 NLT)

When your earth moves, trust the love of God.

Prayer: Thank You Lord that not only are the world and her events in Your hands but we are too.

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