Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Challenge of Ultimate Obedience by Martin Wiles

God asked him to make the ultimate sacrifice. He did. But I wonder if I would. 

I’ve walked through old cemeteries and let my eyes stagger over the headstones. Three months old. Six months old. One day old. I’ve listened to stories told by my grandparents and other senior adults who lived through more difficult times than I’ve witnessed. Cold houses. Hard work. No money. Diseases. The doctor too far away. We couldn’t get him quickly enough. Or when we did he simply had no cure. 

And I’ve heard many parents remark, “No parent should have to bury their child.” But many have. Because of illness, or because the child made foolish choices. Abraham didn’t actually have to, but he was willing because God asked. Don’t you remember that our ancestor Abraham was shown to be right with God by his actions when he offered his son Isaac on the altar? (James 2:21 NLT)

God promised Abraham many descendants through one child. The problem was he had no child. Only an old wife who was long past the age of childbearing. Until God touched her and gave her a son. They were overjoyed…until God asked Abraham to sacrifice him on an altar. James talks as if Abraham actually completed the act, but the story reveals that God intervened in the nick of time. In God’s eyes, Abraham did…because he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the One he loved tremendously.

I’m the proud father of two children, but I’m not sure I’d give them up if God asked. I’d die for them. But giving their life to God…. I’m intelligent enough to recognize, however, that my reluctance demonstrates unwillingness to make whatever sacrifice God requires. I have priorities that need re-arranging and heart issues that need tending. We all do. God is working on mine, and I’m making forward progress. As with Abraham, the key is my willingness to obey God and trust him regardless of what he asks me to do.

Are you willing to make whatever sacrifice God asks of you?

Prayer: Merciful God, build in us a complete trust of Your hand so we will make whatever sacrifice You require. 

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