Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who’s In Charge? by Martin Wiles

She stood before them in the darkness quietly waving her finger. And they followed.

Our church’s Christmas musical was performed before a bulging crowd. The choir functioned flawlessly. At midpoint, children strolled onto high risers and mixed songs with speaking parts. When they finished, the building was suddenly engulfed in darkness. Shadowy figures with lighted candles emerged from a side room and mounted the stage. As “Great Light of the World” played, they mimicked the lyrics with interpretive movements. Though all eyes were on those performing, their eyes were on my wife who stood in the dark reminding them of the moves. Had they ignored her, their performance may have faltered. 

While someone is always in control to some degree, Jesus warns against trying to control our personal lives. If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it. (Luke 17:33 NLT)

My dominant Type A personality makes it difficult for me to let someone else assume control. My decisions are better, my plan is superior, my goals are healthier…or so I imagine. But I’ll be sanctioned for going against my boss’s wishes just as I was punished for disobeying my parent’s.  

At an early age, I discovered God wants to and should control my life. If I try, I’ll lose every time. Clinging to selfishness leads to losing my grip on life. But if I let go and trust God, things drastically reverse. God’s plan is perpetually superior to mine, his strength far surpasses any I possess, and his love for me—when accepted, greatly enhances my ability to enjoy the abundant life I can’t mold with my ingenuity. 

God lurks in the shadows of your life gently giving direction. Will you acknowledge he’s in charge or seize control and ruin the performance?

Prayer: Loving Savior, may we recognize Your control and follow obediently. 

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