Friday, January 24, 2014

Protected under God’s Feathers by Martin Wiles

Breaking glass and crumbling metal startled me from a restless sleep. A long night of change awaited.

I was living in a single wide mobile home nestled in the edge of a tree cleared parcel of land. Since the friend who was letting me live here only cleared enough trees to insert the trailer, trees bumped against every corner and surrounded me in wagon train fashion. 

January brought cold wintry weather. On this particular night, sleet was falling and the wind was screeching. Thoughts of a tree falling on my home tormented me. But I neglected the mental warning, scrambled to bed, and hunkered under the covers. At two in the morning—after being jolted awake by shattering glass and falling wood, I awoke with a large pine tree cuddled against my nose. Had the back door frame not stopped this intrusive monster, I would have been a dead man. 

I attribute more to God than to the door jamb however. He kept his word. He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. (Psalm 91:4 NLT)

Knowing and believing God’s promise of protection comforts me and gives me courage to face each day with its accompanying uncertainties. Twelve years ago, I never imagined I’d lose a spouse, experience emotional turmoil, or hover on the edge of bankruptcy. But God protected me, rebuilt my life, and gave me amazing opportunities I may have never known otherwise. 

God won’t always protect us from trials and tragedies. He allows my free will and that of others to operate in full force. And with freedom comes the real possibility of hate, death, tragedy, and a host of other unmentionables. Yet God remains faithful. He sometimes delivers me from them and at other times through them. Either way, I’m safe under his feathers.

Are you trusting in God’s protection and guidance when intruders crash your life?

Prayer: Sovereign God, we place our faith in Your promise to never leave or forsake us and to keep us safe under Your mighty arm. 

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  1. Appreciated your post. And you're right. Sometimes He gets us through it, sometimes He delivers us from them. I have experienced this in my own life as well.