Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life on the Other Side by Martin Wiles

I’ve forded a few swollen rivers. And though I haven’t enjoyed any of them, I’ve discovered there’s life on the other side.

Like many, I’ve crossed the river of broken relationships. Changes and heartaches like I’ve never experienced hounded me through the brokenness, but I struggled through. There have also been rivers of financial setbacks. Some of these I chose to cross by making bad decisions; others I was thrust into by other’s decisions. I’m still recovering from some of them, but the battle is less intense. Nor have I enjoyed the oceans of death. Losing parents, grandparents, and close friends is never easy, but eventually the grief and loneliness subside and life goes on.

By crossing these swollen creeks, I’ve come to appreciate more deeply the psalmist’s words. Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall (Psalm 55:22 NLT).

I may wonder about the “why’s” of my circumstances, but I’ve learned not to literally ask the question. With experience, I’ve discovered the “why’s” are normally answered—if at all, only when I reach the other side and look back.

This much I’m sure of. God controls each river I traverse. Whether he actually sends me through or merely allows me to ford it is immaterial. He’s with me nevertheless. None of the rivers—no matter how swollen, will result in my demise unless I fail to trust him. My response is critical if faith and spiritual growth are to materialize.

God promises good will be engineered from each of these difficult crossings. My duty is simply to endure, trust, and learn. Indeed, life on the other side is always better.

Have you discovered the joy of life on the other side?

Prayer: Enable us to trust You, merciful Lord, to guide us across the rough seas to the peace of the other side.

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